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When it comes to your children, safety is our highest priority!

Synlawn has developed the safest, most consistent playground surface anywhere.

SYNLawn Playground Systems

Most injuries on playgrounds occur as the result of a fall on surfaces that are abrasive, hard or just plain unsafe. Surfaces constructed of mulch, gravel or sand tend to be less safe as time goes by. None of those can even compare to the SYNLawn Playground System.

The SYNLawn Playground System is the only playground surface that provides consistent safety standards in high traffic areas, in any weather, at any height, and under all types of play equipment.  SYNLawn even has the IPEMA seal of approval!


What comprises a SYNLawn Playground System?


  • Fall Pad ® Underlayment System

  • SYNLawn Artificial Grass with EnviroLoc+® & HeatBlock® Technologies

  • Envirofill® Artificial Infill

Recommended for Playgrounds

Play Platinum

SYNPlay 48 (+pad)

SYNAugustine X47

Putting Greens

Play Premium

Classic Pitch


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